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TableMaster-related downloads

TableMaster Demo

Demo version of TableMaster 1.5 with the basic demo tables and "stubs" of all of the tables from all of the Table Packs. The latter tables, as described below, produce pregenerated output from the real tables so you can see what they look like. The basic demo tables, of course, are actual (albeit short) TableMaster tables which can be edited, customized, etc., to experiment with the program.

Download TableMaster demo

Separate TableMaster Demo Tables

These are the tables included with the latest TableMaster demo. They can be used with any version of the demo. Most recently updated 1/13/2017.

Download Demo Tables for the TableMaster demo

Separate TableMaster Table Packs Demo

If you have TableMaster but not all of the Table Packs, and you want to see what the other Table Packs are like, this is what you need. It has "stub" tables for all six Table Packs, each of which produces pregenerated output from the real tables. Usable with any version of TableMaster 1.4 and later.

Download Demo Tables

Font-related downloads

NEW!Text Jiggler

Text Jiggler is a simple little program that randomly sets upper- and lowercase in text for use with fonts that have alternative characters as one case, such as some that will be in the upcoming Arcane Alphabets package. Freely redistributable.

Download TextJiggler

InstaHex Font

InstaHex is one of the fonts from the old Mapographer pack. This version of it is essentially identical to the original except for being rebuilt for modern computers. Since the future version of it will be considerably expanded to include things like dotted-line hexes and other features, this verison is free for non-commercial use.

More about InstaHex

Download InstaHex