TableMaster gives you the time to be a good gamemaster, and the power to be a great one. TableMaster is a universal table handler. It can generate not only the big things, but all of those little details that bring a game world to life.

At a convention in September, I came across a copy of Dungeon magazine from 1995, and there in the back, just as I remembered it, was a TableMaster ad. Twenty years later, I don't think I could say it any better:

TableMaster works with any game system, any genre, any game. Even — perhaps especially — if your game system doesn't use random generation tables, TableMaster can make your gamemastering easier and better. Every game needs details: what something or someone looks like, what can be found in a room, even things as simple as names for NPCs. Certainly, you'll want to detail the important ones yourself (though even then, you might want to use some TableMaster-generated results for inspiration) but what about all those people in the crowd? All those buildings in a town the players are passing through? That's where TableMaster really shines.

Of course, it can also produce things as detailed as you can imagine. Between the basic tables and the Table Packs, there are tables to produce everything from the details of mile upon mile of caverns to the names and descriptions of dockside taverns, right down to the innkeeper's personal problems.

And that's just the Wintertree-written tables. You can create any table you need, for anything you can imagine. TableMaster includes a complete language reference (on dead trees in the physical version) for TBL, its plain-English scripting language, plus a comprehensive tutorial (PDF) that takes you through creating and elaborating on a table and shows how all of the commands are used.