May 26, 2016


TableMaster is back -- and it's on Kickstarter!

In the 1990s, TableMaster, the one and only Spare Time Generator, was an unprecedented gamemaster's aid program that made it easy to translate any written random generation table for roleplaying games into a computerized form. Originally an MS-DOS program, it was left behind by years of operating system upgrades. Now it's back and better than ever.

TableMaster is the key to creating a fully-detailed RPG world. Instead of having to roll up the descriptions of dozens of things such as NPCs that players could meet, the contents of pockets they might or might not pick, or events for an area just in case they visit, a gamemaster can produce such things in moments with TableMaster. It is designed to make it easy to convert any written table into computer-readable form.

TableMaster comes with dozens of tables to get the user started plus a complete TBL scripting language reference and tutorial. There are several add-on table packages available from Wintertree, each with dozens of new tables waiting to be used, modified, and built on, with more to come. There are also many user-written tables shared by their authors.

The ease of creating and sharing tables is why TableMaster was a gamemaster's essential tool 20 years ago, and why people have asked for a new version ever since Windows left it behind. Now it's back, and it will be available in both Windows and Macintosh flavors. All of the old Table Packs are being reworked, improved, and expanded, and there are two new ones in development; one of those will be released at the same time as the TableMaster retail launch, expected in August, and the other in early fall.

According to Jean McGuire, the creator of TableMaster, "I've thought about doing a new version for years, ever since Windows changes made the old one obsolete. Old-school gaming is more popular than ever, and now virtually every gamemaster has a computer, often one they can take to a game. It's the perfect time to launch a new version of TableMaster. Plus creating tables for it is just fun!"

And TableMaster is on Kickstarter! You can get it before the general public, and have input along the way. Besides the expected discounts, credit, and swag, backers of the Kickstarter project will get access to development and beta builds, in addition to getting the final version before its retail release.

Wintertree will be at Game-O-Rama in Atlanta, GA, the weekend of May 27-29. Visit the Wintertree table in Demo Alley for a hands-on demo of TableMaster, or talk to the developer around the convention.

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